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Williamson Gallery


Jul. 20 — Dec. 16, 2018
Tuesday—Sunday, 12:00—5:00pm
Friday, 12:00—9:00pm

Celestial bodies tethered by orbital physics to our solar system’s planets, commonly known as moons, comprise a consortium of enticing worlds that are rocky, wet, icy, cratered, hot, cold, and puzzling, some of whose veneers are textured with mountains, lakes, concealed oceans, valleys, volcanoes, geysers, canyons and plains, and have both water and heat to fuel tantalizing speculations. Artists and sources contributing to the MOONS exhibition include Alternative Moons (Nadine Schlieper & Robert Pufleb), Carnegie Observatories, Caltech Archives, Kevin Gill, James Griffith, Tim Hawkinson, The Huntington Library, Melanie King, Sarah Perry, Steve Roden, Karley Sullivan, Penelope Umbrico, Mount Wilson Observatory and Jacqueline Woods.

Alyce de Roulet Williamson Gallery
ArtCenter College of Design
1700 Lida St.
Pasadena, CA 91103


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